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Q - How can i book these tours ?

A - We have page devoted to this question Click here

Q - Can i book in advance ?

A - Yes it is possible to book in advance, you can email us at or Click here

Q - Is it too hot upstairs on the Open Top Bus ?

A - You will be surprised how cool it is on the top deck, it is the same

      principle of riding a motorbike. Always make sure you wear sun cream

      and a T-Shirt.

Q - Do we have toilet breaks on the tours ?

A - On the Divided line / Village Tour we stop halfway to have a drink, fruit

     and toilet facilities. The Famagusta and Kyrenia tours have free time built

     in to the day trips.

Q - When i book, are we Guaranteed an upstairs seat ?

A - If you are the first 46 to book on that tour then you have an upstairs

      seat, we will ALWAYS tell you if you are downstairs.

Q - Can we bring our own drinks ?

A - We do recommend everybody to bring drinks on board, they must be

      none alcoholic, Water is recommended.

Q - Can we smoke on board ?

A - We are under european law, no smoking is allowed.

Q - Is there commentary on board ?

A - Yes, we have a guide who only speaks english.

Take your seats on the Original RED BUS - Don't miss out on the FUN