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Disability Policy

Disability policy  

Our aim is to give everybody an equal chance to enjoy the tours with or without any disabilities. Since the time we had started we have encourage wheel chair users, hard of Hearing and the deaf, with great success.

Our staff will help you embark and / or disembark on / off the vehicles to make your tour a pleasant and a stress free one. Seating on the vehicle can be reserve depending on the disability of the person, whether visually impaired, hard of hearing or restricted by mobility.

Wheel Chair access.

Unfortunately our Vehicles are NOT equipped with wheel chair ramps due to their age, but we can assist you out of the chair and help you on the Bus to your seat. All Wheel chairs can be stored safely downstairs at the back of the Vehicle. Wheel Chairs will be loaded on and off the vehicles by our staff (Sometimes help from family or friends could be required).

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