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Charity Funds Raised

Red Bus has always wanted to raise money for local charities, and for the past eight years we have been involved with Schools and social events.


Local Schools like to hold a Christmas Fayre to raise extra funds for valuable equipment needed to improve children s education. Red Bus offers 15 mins rides around the area at no cost to the School to help with the fund raising.


Other events, which include Football Trophy parades, Santa rides for Children and Village Festivals


Fridge Magnet sales

Red Bus decided to raise its own money for certain charities, but because of the commitment to tours during the summer season it started to sell Fridge Magnets. Their is a set of three "Millie", "Daisy" and "Ruby", sold for 2 euros each or 3 for 5 euros. We have raised from these sales about 1500.00 euros for local charities. 


 2013 - We raised money for "Pasicaf", this is a charity that help Cancer patients at home, helping with the medication and general health at this difficult time,A big thank all those who bought the Fridge Magnet and raised 600.00 euros..  

 2014 - Money raised during that period was shared between two charities, "Paralimni Dog Pound" and "Argos Famagusta Cat Care Project". Both of these charities primary look after the welfare of these animals.


 2015 - A Big thank you to everybody who has bought Fridge Magnets from Red Bus this year, it has been one of the best years. We have raised 1400.00 euros for these nominated Chariltes, "Paralimni Dogs home" , Care for Cats (Paphos) and Freedom Dolls.


 2016 - Again a big thank you to all our customers who purchased the Fridge Magnets during the 2016 summer season. We have sold 1300.00 euros worth, so half of the amount has gone to Care for Cats (Paphos)  and Freedom Dolls.

Money raised for Schools

Since 2008 The Original Red Bus has always comitted helping the local villages and local schools within Famagusta district. We seem to be in demand during the festive season when children are ready for that special day, so what could we offer to these little treasures. Red Bus offers its services to local schools to raise funds to buy extra equipment, we do not charge one penny for these functions. All we want,is to give something back, after invading thier privacy during the summer season.

To see our festive pictures Click HERE

Football Clubs

Well, we have all seen what happens when a football club wins trophies, yes, they like to parade thier wares on an Open Top Bus. The Original Red Bus always tries to make itself available incase our local teams are awarded trophies. The first football team we helped was in Liopetri and it was the last game of the season and they had won thier league, so they got a trophy. It was a sell out crowd for the last game and i think the attendence was approx 100 supporters.

Here are some of our pictures, Click HERE 




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